Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beaver Lake Recap

I was truly blessed during my week at Beaver Lake. I started the week fishing down the lake and that was my plan for the tournament. The first morning I caught  a good limit and decided to go up the river to try and cull with a big fish. That planned worked to perfection. I caught  a couple of good ones and culled out two fish. After doing this I decided to spend more time up the river.

The second morning my early bite died and I was able to salvage my day with a small limit up the river. After falling from 5th to 13th I really felt blessed to be in my second top 20 in a row.

The third day was probably the best day of my career to this point. I really can't explain why everything went so good on that day but I know that my Lord and savior Jesus Christ was looking down on me and blessed me beyond belief that day. Every move I made seemed to be the right one. I started down the lake and caught a good one in the first 5 minutes. Then went back up the lake and proceeded to catch 4 more big bass on that day. After a two day total of around 23 lbs I sacked up 19 lb 11 oz on day three a jumped into the lead.

Day four went pretty good but I just never got the bite I needed to win. I caught more fish on day four than any of the others but just did not get that quality bite that I needed to get my first tour win.

I have really been blessed and just pray that I can continue to keep getting in contention to get a win because I know that in due time it will come.

My baits payed off for me this week included and umbrella rig (swim frenzy mini), a Bow Stick from Jackall lures and a 1/2 oz jig from Dirty Jigs Tackle. Swim baits on the rig were 4 in Berkley Hollow bellies.

As soon as I left Beaver Lake I headed straight to Guntersville for the last Everstart Southeastern tournament.   I am now at Old Hickory Lake for the first PAA Series tournament and will leave straight from here to go to the Potomac River FLW tournament.  It has been a crazy month, but that is the life of a professional fisherman. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Table Rock Tournament Recap

Table Rock tournament

Last week at Table Rock was a great week and a really good tournament for me.  

First off;  my wife (Dixie) and my daughter (Taylor) were able to come to Branson and spend the week with me. Then to top that off I had a top 20 finish ending the tournament in 14th place.

The fishing was pretty tough for me but the weather was as beautiful as it has ever been during March in Branson. We had 80 + degree weather the entire week. This caused the bass to spawning and sight fishing tends to be my favorite way to fish. Although falling water made the fish really spooky, I was able to catch some of them Texas rigging a Sasuteki Craw from Jackall with a  1/4 oz Tiger Tungsten weight.  My Typhoon Polarized optics helped me see these fish as well.

The fish seemed to bite a little better when the wind blew and I was able to catch them on a Yellow Hammer (Umbrella rig ) with Berkley hollow belly swim baits.

After catching 13 lb 13 oz the first day off the bed I was blessed the second day with 19 lb 7 oz that placed me in the top 20 cut. The whole week was a blessing and I am excited to get things headed in the right direction again.

Beaver Lake is the next stop on the tour.   So we go from my favorite lake to me least favorite lake.  Maybe I can figure it out this year!

Scott Canterbury

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lake Hartwell Tournament Recap

This week was really frustrating for me and it seemed like I could never get my timing down.  It really hurts to have a tournament like this but I have come to realize that you must put it behind you and make up for it at the next one.  I ended up putting it together a bit on the second day and salvaging some very valuable points.  I finished 99th after only catching 6 lbs the first day.

The fish that I caught this week were eating my Jackall Aska and a Dirty Jig with a Chigger Craw on the back. The jig is a new color that will be available very soon.  (Hematoma and Magic Craw Red).

I am looking forward to Table Rock,  my favorite lake on the tour!   

Thanks to all my sponsors and it is almost time to put those Typhoon Polarized Optics to good use.

Lake Hartwell Day Two -- photo by Shaye Baker

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hartwell Practice Update

Practice is now over and I have been getting all my tackle ready.  It seems to be not so good for me because I have 15 rods rigged and ready.  

This week we  have not had the best of conditions so I think who ever wins will actually find a lot of their fish during the tournament.  I had two decent days and one really bad day; so I am really optimistic about the tournament and am ready to get it started.   

I had a really great time helping the Homes of Hope people out today.   Everyone check out their website.  They have a really great thing going on.  www.homesofhope.org.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lake Okeechobee Recap

I am just getting settled back in after the first FLW Tour Open on Lake Okeechobee this past week.   Here is a little recap of how the tournament went for me.

Going into the tournament I was confident that the fish would be on bed with the full moon hitting during the tournament.  I had prepared to sight fish and  I quickly realized that wasn't going to be  the case on the first practice day.  I have always done well on Okeechobee when I was able to sight fish but had never quite mastered the flipping bite.   I had a great practice on the second and third day flipping and caught some pretty good fish.  I was confident going into the tournament, the most confident I have been flipping on the Big "O".  I really learned a lot those two days, more than I have ever have.  

The tournament went pretty good and I ended up with a 39th place finish.  I was blessed the first day with a pair of seven pounders. The second day didn't go as well, because I lost quite a few fish that day.  I am not over joyed with the end finish but I am happy with the way I fished and how much I learned on this trip.  I still have a lot to learn about the Big "O" and I can't wait to get back. 

I was flipping heavy mats with a Sasateki craw from Jackall and a Berkley Chigger Craw.  I varied between a 1.25 oz and a 1.5 oz Tiger Tungsten  flipping weight.  In the sparser areas I pitched a 1 oz punch jig from Dirty Jigs Tackle.  I was using 60lb Berkley Big Game braid.   I was also using Revo Premier Reels on the new Abu Garcia Villain rods.   This was my first time using the Villain rods and I am really impressed with them.  They are very sensitive and super strong.  

A big congratulations goes out to my buddy Randall Tharp for winning the tournament.   Randy has put in a lot of hours on Lake Okeechobee and he deserves this win.  

I am looking forward to Lake Hartwell coming up in a couple of weeks.    I finished 35th there last year and hope to improve on that this year.   I am going this weekend to try to get a couple of days in before it goes off limits Monday.   

I am super excited about this year and can't tell you enough how blessed I am with the sponsors that I have.

Please remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates during practice and the tournaments.

Scott Canterbury

Psalm 16:8  I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.